Taken from Hindi language, ‘Pehal’ means – initiating, starting, beginning…

PEHAL: An initiative for quality education for the underprivileged

  • PEHAL aims at:
    • Effective learning through digital classrooms
    • Bringing equity in education
    • Enhancing learning outcomes
    • Making learners future ready
  • PEHAL has an impressive and unique adoption and sustainability model. It transforms the classrooms and enhances the learning outcomes of students. They are provided with after school learning solutions through Tabs, that eliminates the need of any after school study help.
  • PEHAL provides comprehensive training in digital technology to the teachers of adopted schools. They are periodically trained at new learning content and teaching methodologies.
  • PEHAL co-opts army veterans and the martyrs’ dependents for seamless implementation of the project. Their participation in the endeavour brings in the commitment, value system and discipline in the schools where the project is implemented.

PEHAL’s pehal

A New Dawn

In January 2017, at Ghaziabad, PEHAL transformed the schooling of over 6000 girls at Kanya Vedic and Government Girls Inter Colleges and changed their lives. Their schools were refurbished, teachers trained, digital learning solutions introduced resulting in marked improvement in the learning curves.

Supporting a Dream

For Jyoti, a board topper of class X at Kanya Vedic Inter College, the dream of doing well in academics and becoming a doctor received a huge flip through PEHAL. Sponsored under this program in January 2017, she was gifted a Smart Study Tablet. This enables her to access quality study material, learn, practice, test anywhere, anytime! Her economic status is no more a constraint in pursuing her dream.